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At TwinWebs, our digital artworks are produced and finished by a professional partner. This gives us an enormous amount of options in terms of variety in finishes that we can offer you.

Art panel

New! Art Panel finish. Artwork are printed on Fuji DP2 paper and are laminated with a satin foil for UV protection. Each Art Panel comes with a black border. The metal mounting on the back of the Art Panel makes it easy to hang, the included rubber pads ensure an even distance from the wall.

    Art panel 8mm thikness
    Laminated with a Satin Foil for UV protection
    Sturdy high quality
    Equipped with a suspension profile

Afdruk art panel TwinWebs kunstwerken
TwinWebs grafisch ontwerp

Canvas, classic wall decoration

Our innovative Canvas Print wall decoration is the solution for price-conscious customers. Glossy laminate provides optimal protection while preserving the canvas structure. The canvas has a frame of 40 mm thickness as standard. The wall mount and felt pads on the back provide protection on all walls.

    Canvas 4cm thikness
    Glossy laminate
    Wall mounting
    Felt pads

Canvas ontwerp met kader TwinWebs
Art panel
Canvas ontwerp met inlegkader TwinWebs
Canvas ontwerp met kader 3 kleuren TwinWebs
Backside canvas

Box Frame - Fine Art Float

As a striking yet subtle alternative to traditional frames, the Box Frame offers a range of colors to do justice to our artwork.
High-level visual art printing - the Floating Fine Art is the perfect product to put our digital art in the spotlight. This multi-level framed print adds depth and dimension to the artwork.

    Float Fine Art:
            Wooden frame - Acrylic layer protection
            Colours Charcoal - Chesnut - Oak - Ash
    Box Frame:
            Hight Glossy acryl
            Colours Silver - Gold - Gunmetal - Bronze

Art-print hangemaakte kaders TwinWebs
Canvas box print Charcoal hout TwinWebs
Canvas box print Almond hout TwinWebs
Canvas box print Oak hout TwinWebs
Canvas box print Ash hout TwinWebs
Box art print Gold TwinWebs
Box - Gold
Box art print Gunmetal TwinWebs
Box - Gunmetal
Box art print Oak TwinWebs
Box - Silver
Box art print Bronze TwinWebs
Box - Bronze
Afwerking artwork kaders TwinWebs

Lifestyle finishes

Chic but unobtrusive. Our Lifestyle frames are a combination of a natural style and subtle structures.

    Lifestyle frames
    Vintage framesn
    Traditionele frames
    Contemporary frames

Canvas ontwerp met kader Buckingham TwinWebs
Canvas ontwerp met Gosford kader TwinWebs
Canvas ontwerp met kader coastal TwinWebs
Canvas ontwerp met kader camebridge TwinWebs

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